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Bridal Week Singapore Season 10

I'm back in Singapore!

I have been to Singapore for about 3 times already. Each time, I accompany my mother, Meldy de Guzman for this wedding fair. Most of you, don't know, but she's also a fashion designer. I have been helping her talk to clients and design for her clients since I was in college.

Now, I have finally decided to pursue fashion designing as my own brand! And the first event that I went to is the Philippine Bridal Week Singapore Season 10!

I am so happy and excited for this new venture. Designing gives me a different kind of fulfillment that I did not feel when I was styling. It was because I love making dresses, I love making the designs come to life and I love looking at each detail and make sure it's exactly how I envisioned it.

Today marks a milestone for me as I debut in this event.

I'm excited to meet my future bride and groom!

This groom-to-be trying on his future Barong Coat! Looks perfect on him.

While these are my future groom and bride, Marco and Nikki. I'm excited about their modern-filipino themed wedding. :)

Love lots,



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