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Alyssa de Guzman, the creator of the brand,  has been designing couture gowns since 2013. She has always been in love with arts and fashion. Her journey started when she took interest in making clothes for herself and for her family. Eager to learn more about fashion, she studied in Slim's Fashion and Arts School while she's finishing Advertising in Assumption College. After finishing both studies, she realized she wanted to pursue a fashion designing career. Then, she became an in-house designer of a masterful fashion house in Edsa Shangri-La, creating couture pieces for politicians and business women. She also explored life in a Magazine and the art of celebrity styling. However, she came back to fashion design because it was her first true love, creating sophisticated, sultry gowns for strong women.


Humble achievements

From winning competitions, being featured in tv, magazine and pageants as well as being worn by celebrities, these are the humble achievements that shows her dedication for improvement to create more beautiful gown designs.

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